the Gna! Project


Welcome to the homepage of the Gna! project, a central point for development, distribution and maintenance of Libre Software (Free Software) projects, started in January 2004.

Day-to-day management of the project is handled via the Administration meta-project. If you are looking for documentation or help, please go there.

If you want to support us financially, you can make an online donation to the FSF France.


Our Constitution


The Gna! constitution has been written by the maintainers and administrators of the Gna! development platform. It defines how Gna! is to be governed. All members of the Gna! group accept the rules as laid out by this constitution.

When we speak about software, we usually mean computer program. We believe that documentation should be treated identically as long as it is primarily concerned with technical issues. However we consider documentation as something distinct from programs.

By Libre Software, we mean Free Software as defined by the GNU Project. Users should have: the freedom to run the program, for any purpose ; the freedom to study how the program works ; the freedom to redistribute copies ; the freedom to improve the program, and release improvements to the public. In regard to documentation, we believe that the user should have the same degree of freedom in dealing with the purely technical parts.

Constitutive members are Vincent Caron, Loic Dachary and Mathieu Roy.

Article 1.- Gna! will remain entirely Libre Software

We promise that the Gna! platform will be entirely run on (be based on) Libre Software.

Article 2.- We won't hide problems

We will not discuss Gna! issues on private mailing-lists, no decision will be made privately. However, short delays are acceptable when sensitive information or security concerns are involved.

Article 3.- Programs that don't meet our Libre Software standards

We do not believe that mixing Libre Software with proprietary software helps Libre Software. We will not provide proprietary software and we will not accept projects which have mandatory dependencies on proprietary software. In other words, as long as your software can run with entirely Libre Software, we can accept further contributions which rely on non-Libre Software, such as ports to proprietary operating systems.

We will only host programs with GPL-compatible licensing terms, so we can easily mix them with GPL programs. For non-program contributions, we will decide on a case per case basis whether these restrictions apply or not. For instance, most of the time GPL compatibility will not be required for documentation work.

Article 4.- We will support the GNU philosophy

We do believe in the GNU Philosophy and we will support the GNU Project.

For instance, we require that Gna! users use proper wording and avoid common misconceptions : the Linux kernel is not the GNU/Linux operating system, commercial software is not necessarily proprietary software and Libre Software (Free Software) is not Open Source.

Article 5.- We will work as a limited democracy

Decisions will be made for Gna! as if we were members of a people (dèmos) sharing equally, or almost, the power (cratos).

If one of us disagrees with another on a decision about Gna!, and given that he communicates in a reasonable time-span, a vote requiring the absolute majority (51%) will be held among the active members of our group (Active: Any member having handled day-to-day activities in the last two months prior to the vote).

Decisions must conform to this Constitution.

This Constitution can be amended by a vote at the absolute majority (51%), requiring unanimity of the Constitutive members (Note: if a Constitutive member publicly announces that he will quit permanently the project, his own vote is no longer required).

This text has been partly inspired by the Debian Social Contract. Derek Feichtinger contributed to its elaboration.